An Introduction to Everything

I have an opinion. Not on anything in particular, just an “opinion”. And, until now, I’ve have no idea what to do with said opinion. In a simpler, more naive time, I’d have just told everyone within earshot of my “higher view” in relation to any situation, and let them soak in all its opinion-y glory. Unfortunately for pre 20′s me, it turns out that other people can think, and most of them do it quite a lot better than I did.

This is my way of staying properly informed, and making sure I formulate the most comprehensive arguments possible on a student/casual employee/serial TV marathoner’s schedule.

This is in no way (despite what my relatively formal writing style might suggest) a serious project. Ideally, this blog will serve as a way for me to express the countless thoughts and ideas that occur within my mind in a more coherent and digestible fashion than the non-sense that can often flow from my mouth.

So whenever there is something that my mind feels it needs to share, but my mouth is kind of, like, meh, I’ll post it here for someone, somewhere to enjoy. Most likely that someone is my mum, who would tell me I was a music genius if I presented her with Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’.

Whether it be a music, television or movie review, a serious piece on current issues, or something based on a life-experience, I hope that this becomes a hobby which both I and my reader(s) can enjoy.



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