A Fussy Eater’s Food Review: ‘Babu BarBurger (with balls)’

After hearing lots of positive reviews about “Babu Burger” on Chapel Street, I headed down with my girlfriend for a Valentine’s Day lunch. I’ve never been much of a burger fan myself, and anyone who’s even had the pleasure of eating a meal with me knows how picky I can be. I always find they are inconvenient to eat, and my irrational fear of mixing foods usually gets in the way of any enjoyment. So, as usual, I made a few alterations to the contents of my burger, making sure all the yucky stuff was left out, and adding in what I thought would make for a decent feed. And I got it pretty much right.

Usually, the worst part of a burger is the patty itself. Sometimes they are just so bad it ruins the entire meal. ‘Babu BarBurger’ lets you choose the way you want your patty cooked. I went with Medium, and it exceeded my expectations. In addition to the patty, I’d chosen to add in cheese, avocado, feta, and caramelised onions (I know, shut up). The feta was too salty for my liking, but everything else worked really well, resulting in the best (and most personalised) burger I’ve eaten to date.

Sure, it could have used a little more flavour, but overall I’d definitely recommend ‘Babu BarBurger’ to all the fussy eaters out there.

3 plain burgers out of 5



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