What Do You Mean It’s For Kids??

Have you ever found yourself feeling a lot older than you are? Or maybe obsessed over something way too “immature” for your age? Recently I’ve been experiencing both simultaneously, stuck in some paradoxical maturity-limbo. I know how strange that sounds, but just follow me with this one.

Earlier tonight my family and I were engaged in a conversation about how little my younger brother knows about pop-culture. My grandmother asked “well, you know who Mickey Mouse is, right?” to which he responded “yeah, I know her” (facepalm). But is it his fault he never had a childhood? Sure, he’s still a ‘child’, but he never does anything “childish”. Immature, yes, but not in the way I’m talking about. When did kids stop obsessing over movies and TV shows that weren’t ‘The Hangover’ or ‘Geordie Shore’? It just feels like the time between toddler and pre-teen has been shortened drastically, and things like Disney movies, cartoons, and other such novelties have less impact on today’s kids. Maybe kids really are growing up too fast these days.

Then there’s the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s something I’ve noticed recently after being involved in a group on Facebook (unashamedly) regarding the Pokémon games. I don’t try to hide how much I enjoy Pokémon, and will openly discuss the topic with anyone who will listen. But some of the people on this group, and in other forums on the internet, just don’t seem to have grown up at all. There’s nothing wrong with liking something that is aimed at children as an adult, but the issue comes when those adults don’t act like adults. It’s hard to portray the group of people I am referring to in written words, it’s more something you have to witness.

I guess the above example was meant to depict the side of people that can’t seem to grow up, hopefully that’s what it did.

I’m still not sure where I’m going with this… I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m striving to get the best out of both worlds. I love being immature in the sense that I obsess over games like Pokémon, TV shows like “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, and animated movies like “Up” or “How to Train your Dragon”, but at the same time I enjoy the responsibility and journey that is adulthood. I like to think I can balance both parts of me, and that I can teach any little Josh’s (or Joshette’s) running around in the future to do the same.

>Sidenote: If, for some ridiculous reason, you have NOT seen the “Avatar” series, please do so now. As in right now. NOW<

ImageIn short, don’t forget your childhood obsessions, but be able to grow up at the same time. The result is a much more diverse and dynamic life, and of course, an interest in everything.


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