A Giant Lizard-Monster Destroying Stuff? Count Me In!

Okay, so I know this makes two movie trailer blogs in a row, but I have no choice. Seriously, no choice. Those damn Hollywood trailer-people (no, not sentient caravans – or even sentient hill-billies [wouldn’t that be incredible]) have decided to overload my mainframe with ANOTHER awesome movie preview.

This one is for ‘Godzilla’. That’s right, Godzilla, the humongous (possibly) radioactively-mutated lizard monster hell-bent on destroying civilization as we know it, which is a good time for the whole family. When the teaser trailer dropped it was all like “na ah you don’t get to actually see Godzilla, but here’s some guys doing a cool sky-divey thing with red smoke” (what is apparently called a “halo drop”. Good to know). But that teaser trailer is bad-ass! So many awesome shots, so much suspense, and soooooo much carnage.

First off, I LOVE Godzilla. Not in a geeky fanboy way, more of a OMG ITS A GIANT LIZARD MONSTER CAN I HAVE IT AS A PET SO IT WILL LOVE ME FOREVER AND DESTROY MY ENEMIES way. Maybe it comes from my childish love of dinosaurs, or from that one Godzilla toy I cherished as a kid, but either way, Godzilla is a boss.

Now, with the first official trailer, we get an expanded insight into the plot of the movie. When I say expanded, what I really mean is ‘slightly less confusing’. What’s cool is that we get a bit of a back-story for Godzilla, and a few short shots of the disaster that the monster causes. Also, we get to see a bit of Bryan Cranston in action as ‘Joe Brody’, the lead actor in the film. I don’t know if you guys heard, but Bryan Cranston is the shiz these days.

But by far the thing I like most about this trailer is how little it reveals about the movie. Sure, it’s a monster/disaster movie, so how much story can it actually have? I like to think that no matter what the premise of a movie, with the right cast/writers/directors, it can turn out to be a great film (within reason, and budget always helps too). And even though I would love to see a fully-detailed shot of Godzilla itself, I’m happy they didn’t put one in the trailer.

In terms of how Godzilla acts/looks, it seems like the film-makers have done an amazing job. The sheer size of the lizard is apparent from the shots we get to see; with the rubble rolling off its body like tiny Lego pieces, or the how slowly it moves. And the cry, oh lordy lord, whoever edited those noises together give yourself a good old-fashioned pat on the back! The sound just makes my blood curdle. I wish I could make that sound. It would have absolutely zero benefit, but it would be sweet.

I’m super psyched for this movie. It comes out in May, and I will be seeing it ASAP. I don’t care who I have to drag with me, I’ll find someone willing to sit through what could be a complete disaster of a movie (terrible pun kind of intended, but only after I realised it was a pun), or turn out to be one of the movies of the year. Either way, Godzilla, so yeah.

Teaser trailer link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjKO10hKtYw
Official trailer 1 link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIu85WQTPRc




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