The Avengers, The Justice League, and The Council of Financial Regulators

In a secret lair hidden deep within Melbourne’s CBD they wait. Wait for the lives of the citizens to whom they’ve sworn to protect to be endangered once again by greedy CEOs or unethical business practice. They didn’t choose this life, no one would choose such a great burden. It’s a burden they must carry through the recessions and through the pain of depreciating dividends. They are:

The Council of Financial Regulators

So I’m back at university for another year of study in sports science/sport management. This semester I have the joy of partaking in both ‘Business Law’ and ‘Fundamentals of Finance’. Echh. No thanks. As someone who has never done a business or finance subject before (accounting last semester doesn’t really count) it’s been a bit of a swim in the deep end so far. But, as with all my subjects this time round, I’ve got a new positive attitude. Now this positive attitude has helped so far, but it’s soooooo hard to keep up. So, I’ve invented silly ways of trying to retain information, such as imagining the world’s greatest heroes in finance and economics. Sure, it’s extremely strange and possibly distracting from my actual study, but anything that helps me remember something as dry and boring as what the “Australian Prudential Regulation Authority” does is bound to be beneficial in some way or another. APRA is their leader by the way, with the power of supervision and prune teeth.

Finance is haaarrd guys. It’s just so difficult to take in. All I want to do is watch TV, play Ocarina of Time and Build Lego, but instead I have to study for a real job. I could be a professional Lego builder if I put my mind to it… I could.

Then we have the issue of breaks. Today, I have a break from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm. That’s a LONG time. And miraculously I did managed to study for the first hour and a bit, but after only two days of uni so far, there’s really not much I can actually do other than read over the same notes, and make notes about the notes, and then procrastinate by writing a blog partially about said notes-of-notes. I even spent 5 minutes peeling a sticker off my pre-owned text book. Sometimes I wish I had more work to focus on, but then I remember how sucky work is and change my wish to “I wish I was the Avatar”, or “I wish St Kilda would WIN A GODDAMN PREMIERSHIP”.

Anyway, if you ever find yourself struggling to take in the thousands of little squiggles in front of you, just imagine a better world in which the squiggles are superheroes, or unicorns, or little tiny space ships that can fly into your brain. And then stop it and do some proper study you lazy piece of procrastination.



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